Wesley Walden promotes the concept that sustainable, healthy, and flourishing non-human environments and just, whole, and peaceful human communities are inextricably linked. By offering robust qualitative research and strategic planning, the firm enhances knowledge, increases organizational capacity, and designs metrics-informed programming for organizations working at this intersection.

A particular competency of Wesley Walden is the creative integration of faith-based approaches into the sustainability-community nexus. Through crafting messages, brokering partnerships, and designing programs, Wesley Walden harnesses the moral power of faith communities and the value a faith perspective adds to pursuits of sustainability and community.

Wesley Walden serves: nonprofits and foundations with faith, sustainability, or community-related missions; faith communities and institutions; qualitative research and communications firms; academic institutions; corporate philanthropy; and government agencies.

Qualitative Research

Exploration of trends, problem solving, case study, planning, evaluation

 Strategic  Planning

Collaborative facilitation, data analysis, recommendations, capacity building

Creative Integration

Faith messaging, partnerships, programs; connections to meaning and spirit

Farley Lord Smith


Farley Lord Smith brings education, skills, and experience to Wesley Walden. She holds Masters degrees in Environmental Management and Theological Studies from Duke University. Steeped in agrarian theology, community-based environmental management, and watershed ecology, she culminated her studies by exploring the theology and practice of church community gardens.

Her experience includes nonprofit development, management, strategic planning, and program work for environmental nonprofits, including the Alice Ferguson Foundation, SeaWeb, The Episcopal Church Economic and Environmental Affairs Office, and the Alabama Rivers Alliance. At Wesley Walden, LLC, Farley offers clients thoughtful and thorough strategic input and detailed, organized, and reliable implementation across a wide range of projects.

Drawing on the creation theology of The Reverend John Wesley (1703-1791) and philosophical contributions of Henry Thoreau’s On Walden Pond (1854), Wesley Walden cultivates the virtues of intellection, simplicity, versatility, integration, and pioneering spirit.

I first had the opportunity to work with Farley at SeaWeb, where I was struck by her positive attitude, professionalism and enthusiasm. Years later, I sought her out to partner with me on research projects because she is a critical thinker with a sharp analytical mind. Farley is a talented and dependable team member who takes initiative and always delivers high quality work on time. She’s a joy to work with in every respect, and I am grateful to be able to collaborate with such a thoughtful and smart individual.

Hollis Hope, Principal

Farley came to us at a time when we were having growing pains: more work to do than we could handle, but not enough long-term stability to hire permanent staff. She quickly filled a capacity gap we were struggling with, took over the development of a pilot program, and throughout maintained utmost commitment to the mission and growth of our organization. The best consultants are the ones who you forget are not staff! Farley is a team member to the core!

Jodi Rose, Executive Director

Farley brings care, intention, and wisdom beyond her years to the projects she engages. The programs she has created for our organization, including courses and immersive experiences, have been generative and successful. Her unique perspective at the intersection of the faith community and environmental movement positions her well to provide timely, informed leadership.

Tim Kumfer, General Manager

I am honored to recommend Farley and her skills to any organization seeking guidance to articulate their mission and to develop the action steps toward manifesting their vision. Her expert facilitation reflects a keen observation of group dynamics complimented by strong intuitive sense of the particular ways appropriate for each unique context that will support a group to coalesce its ideas into concrete plans. Farley's creativity and expertise shines through as she coaches and offers ideas for how organizations can tap the resources available to them to achieve their goals.

Kolya Braun-Greiner, Program Manager